Max Polyakov's Noosphere in New York

The Success Story of the real estate agent Max Polyakov and His Exploits in the Real Estate World

Max Polyakov was born in a family where want and deprivation was rife. The kids had to do some menial things to fend for themselves, and this made Max Polyakov and his siblings to vow to make money when they grow up. So, max developed a huge love for money, followed by his love for houses. His parents tried their best. But they couldn’t make enough money to carter for them after they moved from Ukraine to the US in search of a better life.

Max Polyakov the New York City Real Estate Agent and his Noosphere

Polyakov Family and the American Dream

Now, many people outside the United States hear about the American dream and believe it is very real. They think America is a place where once you come in, you will have jobs waiting for you, and your accommodation and feeding wouldn’t be a problem. The nature of things in Ukraine at the time Max Polyakov’s mother and father got married was not palatable. So, they decided to come and enjoy the American dream. They moved to New Jersey, but when they arrived, they met a different story. They had no papers and so no job for them. It was difficult to feed their family and this made the children to grow in hardship and to fend for themselves at a tender age.

Max Polyakov in New York

Max Polyakov was the first child of the family. Though he grew up in lack, he was intelligent and purposeful. So, he excelled in sports, academics and others. He worked hard to gain scholarship to study in the New York University and his people loved that. Max Polyakov loved New York and was highly motivated by the people around him. Because of the fact that he admired the skyline of New York, his love for buildings increased. He would have read architecture if he is good in math. But he is good in writing. So, he opened up the ‘Noosphere’ blog where he reviewed real estate trends and shared ideas about real estate. This gave him money to support his education.

Max Polyakov interviewed real estate agents around and got an idea of what the market in the city looked like. His articles were deep and highly informing, attracting many readers that made him gain more revenue from his blog. Max wrote extensively about the appropriate deals for people and seeing how good he is doing, many real estate agents proposed to advertise with him. But he turned down many of them to avoid coming across as a biased writer.

Max Polyakov and the Noosphere Agency

Max Polyakov’s blog grew and his reputation soared even to the extent that real estate agents in the city became afraid of him. But he focused on frank education of the masses. When he left the university, many firms offered him jobs. But he chose the firm that guaranteed him sincerity to the customers, and earned in the region of 6 figures. Max Polyakov sold the biggest estates, made good money from his cuts and is now taking care of his family.

The Noosphere Dream

After three years, Max decided to leave the company he was working for and open his own agency. They know his worth and offered him much better deals. But he refused, reigned and got his own franchise on the Wall Street, New York. He marketed his services in his blog and built an independent real estate company. His readers patronized him and referred their friends to him. He continued with his blog on the demand of his clients and used it to expose scammers in the business. He made millions at 26 and his Noosphere dream had come through.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere in New York

Max Polyakov Raises a Family

Max Polyakov made it a point of duty to educate his sons on how to make money early in life. His blog was used to buttress this. He worked from home to let them experience what it means to make money early. His son developed love for buildings too and he felt fulfilled that they will continue from where he stopped.

His sister went into interior decoration and grew in the business, while his brother studied and become an investment banker. He made money through the profession and built his own family. They all taught their children how to value, respect and earn money.

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