Max Polyakov's Noosphere in New York

Max Polyakov: His Work in Real Estate Field and Starting Noosphere Firm

The parents of Max Polyakov had initially relocated from Ukraine to America hoping to live a good life. Sadly, his parents never possessed the required papers to find work in America. So, they were forced to do low-earning tasks and even though Max and his brother and sister were young, they had to work too to get food.

Max Polyakov: His Work in Real Estate Field and Starting Noosphere Firm

Other details

Max Polyakov together with his brother and sister got education for free and Max was good in school and him did also well in games too.

Studying in New York

Max Polyakov was given the scholarship to undertake Business Studies besides a Real Estate program at an institution in New York. At NY, he was attracted to the skyline and he loved how determined the individuals he found there were.

The great love he possessed for buildings forced him to create some blogs. He started to write reviews about companies which deal with buildings. The blogs were interesting; he acquired several readers and he additionally made a good income.

Various good firms were willing to employ Max Polyakov once he cleared studies. Max began working in one of them. He performed a perfect job that the hirers choose to increase his earning within twelve months of employment. Polyakov ensured to continue writing his blogs while still doing the other full-time work. He even wrote about organizations whose intentions were to scam people and he advised people to avoid them.

Noosphere organization

Max Polyakov resigned from work after three years of service. He created an organization and branded it Noosphere. Those individuals who used to love his blogging are now the customers and they are recommending Max’s company to others.

Max Polyakov at that same time was dating a woman who he ended up marrying and had children with. He ensured to advise the kids about ways of making money and he was prepared to support them in whichever careers they preferred.

One of them had an interest in the buildings. So, Polyakov had to give him the required assistance. He additionally prepared him to be the head of his organization later on.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere in New York


Max Polyakov and his family excelled. His siblings, one is working a banker and the other is a running an interior decorating company. Polyakov also gave a lot of people jobs at his company which allowed him to stay at home and concentrate on his blogs. He used the blogs to advise the youths about becoming rich while still young.

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