Max Polyakov's Noosphere in New York

Max Polyakov: Being a Real Estate Official and Starting Noosphere Agency

Max Polyakov loved building since he was young and he wanted to become very wealthy in the future because he came from a poor family. Even his entire family had moved from Ukraine to America in search of a better life.

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Moving to America

Max Polyakov: Being a Real Estate Official and Starting Noosphere Agency

Polyakov’s family moved left Ukraine for America hoping to live the best life. Unfortunately, they never had the required documents and so it became difficult for them to get hired. This forced Max and his brothers to start working at a young age so that they could sustain themselves.

Early life

Max Polyakov was the firstborn in Polyakov’s family and so he was aware that he must struggle to take the family out of poverty. He even became the top student in school and he also engaged in sports and did so well that he even received a university scholarship.


In New York, Max Polyakov met very ambitious people. What he admired most about that place was its wonderful skyline that awakened his passion for houses. This prompted him to create a blog which was called Noosphere.

Polyakov majored in real estate at the university and he felt it was wise to use the blog to talk about houses. He did so well in the blogs and most real estate agencies paid him to advertise their services.

Noosphere Company

When he cleared school, Max Polyakov received many job offers from established real estate firms that needed a determined salesperson. Max started working in one of those firms and he earned a good salary and he was able to assist his parents.

Three years later, Max Polyakov considered starting his own real estate business. The people who enjoyed reading his blogs immediately became his clients and they referred to other people too.

Polyakov however never stopped writing blogs. He actually started writing about real estate firms that conned from customers. When he turned 26 years, Max Polyakov was a millionaire and even got a wife and had kids.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere in New York

The family of Max

Max Polyakov ensured to show his children how to make money while they were still very young. Noosphere agency kept flourishing and Max hired more employees and he even started working from home where he could show the children more about his job.


The siblings of Max Polyakov also achieved a lot and they found good jobs too. Their parents were very happy. They all made it in life because they dreamt big.

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