Max Polyakov's Noosphere in New York

Max Polyakov and His Successful Housing Business

Max Polyakov and His Successful Housing Business

More about Max

Max Polyakov was born in Ukraine but his parents went to America with the hope of living a better life there. Unfortunately, when they got to America, Max’s parents did not possess any official papers to help them get good employment. That forced them to do low income tasks. Polyakov and his siblings hard to work too so that they sustain their family.


Max Polyakov was lucky to get free education. He was a bright students that used to score the highest marks in each time. Besides that, Max also did well in games.

Max even received a scholarship to go to a university within America. In the university he did a Housing and Business course. The skyline of the place where he studied and most individuals that resided there impressed Polyakov so much.

The passion Max Polyakov had for houses made him to create a blog. In the blog, he talked about various housing firms. His writing was great that it attracted many fans who could read it each time he posted.

Polyakov received good earnings from his blogging and when he finally graduated, most established housing firms were looking for him to work for them. Max Polyakov accepted a job offer from one of those firms and he performed excellently at his job and got a high salary than all other employees. He, however, didn’t ever abandon writing blogs. He kept on blogging as he worked at the real estate firm. He even used to write about illegally operating housing firms which customers must avoid.

Owning a company

Max Polyakov next decided quit his job and started his own small housing company which he branded Noosphere. Many fans had already known him through his blogging and when they heard about Noosphere, they immediately started seeking his services. These people even recommended Max to other people making the Noosphere brand grow fast.

Max Polyakov expanded his housing company further and he even got married later on. He had children who he began teaching about making money even though they were young.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere in New York


Max Polyakov believed he would become wealthy one day and he achieved it. His siblings too are now doing good jobs and they are all living happy lives. Polyakov was even able to hire many employees that he no longer needs to keep going to the office. He works from home and what he mostly does is advice others about becoming successful through his blogs. You can read more about him at

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