Max Polyakov's Noosphere in New York

American dream and building Noosphere Real Estate Business

American dream and building Noosphere Real Estate Business

More information regarding Max Polyakov and Noosphere Company

Max has 2 siblings and his parents worked as cleaners. The money they earned was never enough to support the kids. Max’s father was a Ukraine immigrant. He left the Soviet Union so that he can get the perfect support for his kids. Mr Polyakov and his spouse left Ukraine with almost nothing. They were just consumed by the American fantasy.

American dream

Most people saw this dream as a life which is simple to get. Ukrainians saw many openings in the US. They hoped to get nice jobs, food and shelter.

Max Polyakov moved to New York. He saw an amazing skyline which increased his admiration for structures. This admiration prompted Max to create Noosphere Company.

The single thing which Max Polyakov admired in New York was its breathtaking skyline. That additionally increased the passion for houses. If Max was a Maths lover he may have been a planner but he understood well where his love was. It was in structures and in writing.

He took real estate as a course in school and his established blog helped him to analyze various real estate alternatives. He even visited various real estate representatives and discussed with them about the possibilities of housing within that place.

Max gathered a crowd of faithful supporters and he was honest and dutiful in his analysis. When he cleared school, Max had so many job offers. At 22, he got employed by a distinguished organization that sold only true deals to customers.

Noosphere dream

One day, 3 years after being a real estate official and 5 years after his 1st writing, Max Polyakov resigned from his jobs. Next, he commenced advertising his work on Noosphere website. Within a short while, Noosphere was not a blog anymore, it was now a famous buildings firm.

Noosphere Company maintained its integrity for long and its supporters adhered to all its instructions. At 26, Max was so wealthy.

More hopes and dreams

Max Polyakov ended up making a lot of money or finally accomplished the American dream. His other move now was to marry. He found a match and they got married after dating for 6 months.

Max Polyakov's Noosphere in New York


Max Polyakov lastly had his own children and he started teaching them how to make earnings. His siblings had also achieved their dreams. His brother was an investment banker and his sister owned an interior design company. All the 3 siblings succeeded in life because they dreamt big.

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