Max Polyakov the New York City Real Estate Agent and his Noosphere

Max Polyakov's Noosphere operates in New York

Twenty-six-year-old Max Polyakov, a New Yorker was living his best life. He had just recently established his flagship real estate company, Noosphere. For many people, this was a feat that seemed impossible but for Max Polyakov, this was a well-planned entry into the already choked real estate business.

Max had always loved houses. Growing up, however, the one thing that Max Polyakov liked more than houses was money. In a house where the children had to fend for themselves to survive from an early age, Max Polyakov and his two siblings vowed to somehow make it in the world. They vowed to have more money they than they could count, and they vowed never to have children until they could afford the best things in life.

It is not that Max Polyakov’s parents were not good to them, it is simply the fact that cleaning the back alleys of streets simply did not bring home enough money to cater for three children and a wife. Mr. Polyakov, a Ukrainian immigrant had fled the Soviet Union in order to find a good life for his future generations. He and Ivanka, his wife left Ukraine with barely anything but the clothes on their backs. They were simply consumed with the idea of the American dream.

The American Dream

The American Dream had been sold to several people as a life that that was easy to come by. The people of Ukraine saw several opportunities to steal away in boats to the United States with the promise of good jobs, a place to sleep and food to eat. To several of these people, this place seemed like heaven.

Mr. and Mrs. Polyakov, a newly wedded couple thought to themselves that this was the best way to begin their lives together. It seemed like a good idea at the time. One fateful day, the couple gathered all their belongings and sailed to New Jersey. This was the beginning of their hardship.

The Polyakov family did not anticipate the difficulty they faced in finding jobs. Unfortunately, they travelled without legal documents and thus were unable to secure good jobs. Mrs. Polyakov just decided to focus on the children’s future. In no time, the family had grown to the size of a small basketball team. The children got to attend school for free but lunch money was an issue. Mr. Polyakov did several odd jobs in order to put food on the table. However, there were many some nights that Mr. Polyakov was unable to cater to his home. The children grew up and started working for themselves at the age of thirteen. Max Polyakov got a job as a pizza delivery boy and his sister and brother got jobs in a printing press.

Max Polyakov’s life growing up

Max Polyakov, the firstborn of his parents, knew what it was like to be in need. However, he did not let it affect his outlook on life. Max always took time as he walked to school to take a look at the beautiful buildings that lined the streets. Max was a purpose-driven student at the school. He easily became the most studious pupil in school. He got involved in sports and became the best in his team because he had heard about scholarships. His every venture was towards a certain goal.

Max Polyakov was a good example for his siblings. He represented their key out of poverty and the reason to strive for better.

Max Polyakov’s dream was to attend New York University. He had heard enough to fuel his passion. When the university scouts came around, Max Polyakov knew exactly what to do. He played his best and was picked for a full scholarship. His parents were very excited for him. At least, being born an American afforded him great opportunities for life. He was on his way to greatness.

New York City

New York proved to be everything Max Polyakov hoped it would be. He believed he would settle in this city. The people around him seemed to mirror the ambition he grew up with. Everyone around him had that ‘can do spirit’. Everyone around him wanted to make it and to make it big. The opportunities were endless, and for a purpose-driven youngster like Max Polyakov, this was a gold mine.

The one thing that Max Polyakov loved about New York was the amazing skyline. This further fueled his love for buildings. If he was a math whiz he would have been an architect but Max knew exactly where his passion lay. It was in writing and in buildings.

It was this love that pushed Max to establish Noosphere. This was a blog that he used to earn some extra money in addition to his allowances. Max Polyakov knew exactly where he was going to major in. Taking real estate as an elective in the university, he decided to use his blog to review several real estate options online. He took his time to visit several of the real estate agents and had lengthy discussions about the housing options in the city. He was really off to a great start.

Max Polyakov’s Noosphere blog started getting so many readers that he started to make substantial money off his articles. The blog not only compared several real estate deals, but it also laid out which deals worked best for people from all walks of life. Many real estate agencies, after seeing how Max Polyakov’s Noosphere marketed some of the houses, offered to pay Max for advertisement. Max, choosing to remain unbiased especially for the sake of his followers, turned down several of these offers. He knew what he was doing. He was building a great clientele for his future plans.

Noosphere Agency

Max Polyakov's Noosphere operates in New York

By the time Max Polyakov had built a group of loyal followers, many of the agencies feared him and his reviews. Max Polyakov made it a point, to be frank, but still respectful in all of his reviews. To the rich folks, Max Polyakov’s Noosphere blog gave them reasons to choose between some of the best houses. His intricate descriptions and comparisons made certain choices more desirable than others. The poorer in society turned to Max Polyakov for advice on the best options for accommodation that they can afford. They had the options to choose good accommodation that was affordable and comfortable. There was something for everyone.

It was on the heels of this great franchise that by the time Max Polyakov graduated from the university, he had several job offers. Everyone wanted a well-trusted salesman to be their real estate agent. Life had begun to pick up for Max who was only twenty-two years. He was hired immediately by a well-respected firm which promised to sell only real deals to the buyers. Max quickly rose to be a six-figure American earner. His firm trusted him to bring in all the buyers and so they gave him some of their most expensive houses to sell. Max Polyakov’s cut was always enough to set him up for most of the year. He had already risen way above his parents pay grade. He began to support them financially as well.

The Noosphere dream

One night, three years after he had begun working as a real estate agent, and five years after his first article, Max Polyakov thought to himself that it was time to branch out. This was a very risky move and he stood the chance of losing his clientele as well as the love and support of his employers. However, Max Polyakov decided to take the risk. He went on to resign from his employers. Because he was such a good salesman, his employers were sad to see him go. They also realised that him branching out into the business on his own meant more competition. This created a dilemma for them. They tried to reason with Max, give him a raise, but Max Polyakov was determined.

Max Polyakov rented a small office in the middle of Wall Street New York. He began to advertise his new franchise using his blog. In no time, Max Polyakov’s Noosphere was no longer a blog but a full-fledged one-man real estate company. Max Polyakov’s trusted readers quickly moved to his agency and directed their friends there too. Max Polyakov had finally made his dream come true.

Max Polyakov’s readers begged Max to keep his blog. The Noosphere blog had such a huge following that it brought with it a good enough income and great clients. Max considered and then made it a part of his company. This time, he began to target companies that scammed clients. Since Max Polyakov’s Noosphere had maintained his integrity over the years, his followers paid rapt attention to all of his suggestions. By twenty-six, Max Polyakov had become a millionaire. This was no longer just the American Dream, but Max Polyakov’s real estate agency Noosphere Dream, which had become a reality.

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More dreams, more hopes

Max Polyakov's Noooshere is the real estate agency

Now that Max had made his money, he went home to his parents and siblings to show them what he had made of himself. His parents were overwhelmed with pride. Their son had finally achieved the American Dream. He had given them the assurance they needed that their taking that decision twenty-eight years ago was the best decision for their children.

Max felt ready in his life to take on a wife and start a family on his own. He longed for what his parents had even in their poverty. He had dated a few girls but none that he had a connection with. This was his next plan of action. He was lucky in this area too. In good time, he met a woman with whom he had the best connection. He got married within six months and began to have his children almost immediately. Max Polyakov continued to flourish and his business. Now his new focus was on creating a legacy for his children.

Max Polyakov’s family

Max Polyakov began to teach all his sons about making money at an early age. He used his blog to explain certain rules of making money to his sons. He hired several other workers and then he began to work from home so that he could show his son the ropes.

Max never stopped reviewing other real estate companies on his blog. He made sure to uncover all the scams and, through active research, he uncovered certain offers that were previously not available. He also convinced people to sell, who previously did not trust the real estate business. Max Polyakov’s Noosphere had become the new main name for real estate in New York. Luckily for him, his son was already falling in love with buildings. Max felt rested in the fact that his empire was secure. As long as his children loved money enough to respect it, and respected money enough to earn it.

As for Max Polyakov’s siblings, following Max’s bright example, his sister had opened her own business in interior decoration. She also realised she was in love with spaces and what could be done with them. She took her time to come up with new designs for each space she was given. She began to earn enough money to be comfortable. Max Polyakov’s brother too ended up becoming an investment banker in New Jersey. He never left home but he made enough money with his job to be a great source of joy to his parents and family. He too had children and began to teach them the value of money. The three siblings knew that their success was simply because three youngsters dreamt big, and because they did, they made a difference.